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    January 30, 2012

    First TargetSafety Now TargetSolutions Our Online Training Management System Makes Profound Impact on Fire Service


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    In the very beginning, the idea of web-based training courses replacing hands-on education was roundly rejected. Some people laughed. Some even scowled. Most just said it would never work because it was impossible to effectively deliver training through the Internet.

    “People were skeptical, and understandably so,” said TargetSolutions’ CEO Jon Handy. “We were offering a significant shift in how things had always been done. I think the fact we’ve changed so many minds over the last 12 years really speaks to the quality and usefulness of our platform.”

    The company was founded in 1999 as a safety training business under the name TargetSafety. Training courses were originally offered as CD-ROMs before being moved over to HTML when the Internet took ablaze. But many who voiced doubts during the early days are now believers in TargetSolutions, which features the industry’s leading and most powerful online training management system.

    “We’ve always been committed to providing the very best online training possible. That’s how we made our mark in this business,” Handy said. “But over time, we’ve continued working hard at creating technology solutions that enable our clients to manage their overall organizational operation. We are focused on building applications that help fire departments do their job quicker, better and with less risk so they can track compliance and improve productivity. We never stop innovating here at TargetSolutions.”

    In October of 2011, TargetSafety officially changed its name to TargetSolutions to better depict the company’s full-range of services. The reason is simple the company isn’t just web-based training anymore. As municipalities and public entities have increasingly been forced to do more with less, TargetSolutions has worked to find answers that help clients reduce costs, streamline operations and improve productivity. The name change more clearly articulates that message and resonates better with clients, according to the company’s Chief of Operations Thom Woodward.

    “The name TargetSolutions reflects who we are and what we do more effectively,” Woodward said. “Our technology platform is very flexible and solves problems beyond safety training. We’re dedicated to serving our clients and helping them save time and money.”

    One way TargetSolutions is revolutionizing the way fire departments complete mandated training is with unrivaled career-development applications. Whether it’s ISO training hours, EMT certifications, driver’s licenses, or departmental SOPs; they all need to be managed. With TargetSolutions, departments are experiencing an easier process tracking that information than ever before.

    “Before TargetSolutions, training and recordkeeping was very cumbersome,” said Stuart Sprung, who is a fire training specialist responsible for managing Oceanside Fire Departments training program. “We knew that for the guys to use TargetSolutions, it had to be easy or they wouldn’t use it. With TargetSolutions, guys can now enter a full day’s worth of training reports in less than five minutes and that data is captured. Our guys have logged thousands more training hours than ever before since we’ve implemented TargetSolutions.”

    In 2008, the company released Custom Activities, which is at the center of the powerful data-tracking tools enabling clients to log information on activities. In 2009, the company released Credentials Manager, which enhanced the platforms capabilities in collecting licenses, qualifications, certifications and more. Then, in late 2011, TargetSolutions’ team of talented developers completed a major overhaul of the platforms interface.

    Fueled by the feedback from clients, the redesign was focused on creating a more engaging and intuitive product. During the process, the company sought advice from numerous fire departments utilizing the platform on a daily basis. It was Sarasota County Fire Departments Ken Treffinger who summed up the changes with one word: Wow!

    “After seeing the new (TargetSolutions) platform, I was immediately impressed by the layout and look that it presented,” Treffinger said.” Actually, I believe my first word after seeing it was wow! The new platform offered by (TargetSolutions) is sleek, professional, and appears very user friendly. I feel the new platform will make my job easier with its convenient layout and ease of navigation it offers.”

    “No matter how much easier the platform is to navigate, it still needs to provide robust applications that deliver increased operational efficiency and save organizations time and money. The company continues to deliver on that promise, according to Mark Fleming of the City of Lawrence Fire Department in Indiana.”

    “We’ve saved the city a ton of money using TargetSolutions,” Fleming said. “TargetSolutions is the best decision I’ve ever made. They’ve gone a long way to assist the department and to assist me with my job. Overall, I’m totally satisfied with TargetSolutions.”

    About TargetSolutions
    TargetSolutions is the leading provider of web-based technology solutions for fire and EMS departments. These solutions enable departments to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all station-level tasks, certifications and training activities.