New Features Announced at Annual Users Conference


Over 100 TeachPoint users attended our 3rd Annual Users Conference in Cambridge (MA) on May 14 to learn about our new and upcoming features and to participate in interactive workshops to learn and take advantage of advanced TeachPoint features. Attendees also enjoyed the opportunity to engage with other districts and share best practices.

New & Upcoming Features

Founder & CEO Chris Dunn announced TeachPoint’s newest and upcoming features based on customer feedback that will enhance user experience and add PD Tracking as a new module to our educator management system platform.

  • Evaluator Dashboard – Released in February, this feature addresses managing workflow—one of the biggest challenges for evaluators. All evaluators and district leaders now have a Dashboard to identify overdue, upcoming, remaining and completed activities. Users can customize the Dashboard with filters to create the view that works for them.
  • PD Tracking – Users will have available a form-based tracking and management of PD tool. Teachers can maintain all their PD activities to use for re-certification. Districts or schools can schedule PD events, auto-generate certificates, and capture feedback on the event.
  • Forms with Query & Auto-Calculation – Users will be able to create Formative or Summative Evaluation forms that have the ability to query and copy data such as educator goals from prior forms that will avoid the need to re-enter information. A form can now include various components of the teacher evaluation, each with a different weight percentage, that will automatically calculate the overall rating.
  • SIS Integration – SAML SSO (Single Sign-On) will soon be available as an option besides LDAP/Active Directory and auto SIS update that is currently being used by users.

Finally, upcoming highlights include integrated calendar scheduling, improved form editor, multi-column data, and batch PDF generation of forms.

Overall, attendees shared comments that they ”appreciated the opportunity to see the fuller potential of what TeachPoint can offer” and enjoyed ”the format of whole group overview and then breaking into smaller groups.”

To learn more about these features or to implement them in your school or district, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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