New PD Tracking Features: License and Budget Tracking


Through the winter, our development team has been busy and we’re excited to introduce two new features that are now available in the TeachPoint Professional Development Tracking Solution.

License Tracking

License Tracking assists educators in associating their PD activities with specific state licensure requirements for maintaining and renewing their license. The License Tracking features allows teachers to monitor their own progress toward license recertification credit requirements and provides administrators with detailed reports to monitor progress across their district. The feature is flexible, enabling various licenses, timeframes and relationships between credit types that may be issued for different courses. You can apply credit to multiple licenses, or to multiple categories within a single license, or to split the credit between categories.

The Credit Translations component converts one kind of credit to another. For instance, if one Graduate Credit is equal to 15 PDPs and the state’s licensure requirements are measured in PDPs, when users assign 1 Graduate Credit to their license the activity will automatically convert to 15 PDPs for tracking.


To review the administrative interface to set up and enable PD License Tracking visit License Tracking Set Up (for Administrators).

Budget Tracking

PD Budget Tracking helps district leaders at the central office, school, or departmental level keep an accounting of aggregated spending for external PD activities for any group(s) they deem relevant (e.g. individuals, organizations, or the entire district). It also helps individuals get approval for and track their PD fees when attending out of district PD events. Helpful reports let you review budget spending by district, by budget category, or by user.


To review the administrative interface to set up and enable PD Budget Tracking visit PD Budget Tracking Set Up (for Administrators).

If you would like assistance with setting up the new License or Budget Tracking features, please contact Customer Support at [email protected] or 866.202.9455 x2.

If your school or district is not currently using the TeachPoint PD Tracking Solution, please contact us to learn more or request a Free Trial today!

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