Cannabis: What You Should Know Brochure

Cannabis: What You Should Know Brochure

New Course to Help Students Make Informed Decisions

Information on cannabis changes rapidly. That’s why Vector Solutions has updated its cannabis awareness course to reflect the most recent academic research and pedagogy.

Cannabis: What You Should Know, is a 30-minute online course that offers information to help students make informed decisions about cannabis use or non-use, including how to know when someone’s usage has become problematic.

Course enhancements include:

  • Removing informal language that could potentially alienate students.
  • Adding new information on the THC content in vapes.
  • Discussing CBD vs. cannabis.
  • Reviewing different types of addiction in relation to the risk of using cannabis.
  • Incorporating links for students to do additional research on their own.


Download our Cannabis: What You Should Know brochure to learn more.

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