Course Author Spotlight: Mark Reinsel


Mark Reinsel, Ph.D., is a mine water treatment and process engineer specialist. He is currently employed as a president/chemical engineer at Apex Engineering, PLLC where he has worked for almost 18 years. He has 30 years of experience in consulting, industry and academia. Recently, his work has focused on treating mining and other industrial wastewaters through chemical, physical and biological methods. He provides water treatment consulting services nationwide and worldwide and has already worked on nearly 100 consulting projects.

Mark graduated from Montana State University with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. During college, in 1994, Mark received the W.G. Characklis Award which is awarded to the outstanding graduate student in the Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State. He has experience in academia with being an adjunct professor for online classes for the Masters in Project Engineering program. After almost 4 years teaching at Montana State, he went on to be an adjunct professor at Montana Tech for their Masters in Project Engineering program which he did for another 4 years.

He is a registered professional engineer in both Montana and Nevada but he has worked on almost 100 consulting projects all over the US with around 60 pertaining to mine water treatment. He is also a lifetime member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He has written articles that have been published in Industrial Waterworld, Water Online and Pollution Engineering. He also has peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Industrial Microbiology, Biofouling, and the Journal of Engineering Data.

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