Course Author Spotlight: Robert Hazleton, Jr.


RedVector Author Robert Hazleton, Jr. has over 40 years of experience in the mechanical engineering. His experience includes hands-on work at an electrical generating station, working as part of an installation team at a NASA tracking station and supervisor of an operations and maintenance crew at a research laboratory. Bob also has been a design engineer working for Lenity Architecture and it predecessors for the past 18 years. This range of experience gives Bob a unique perspective of mechanical system design and installation.


Bob is a registered professional engineer in 36 States. During his time with Lenity Architecture Bob has worked on hundreds of project across the United States and Canada. In this range of work Bob has experienced a vast variety of building codes and interpretations. Bob has experience with HVAC, plumbing, natural gas, electrical power, fire alarm and low voltage systems. He has experience testing of smoke control system and kitchen ventilation systems.

Bob has authored RedVector courses including, Fire and Smoke Dampers Simplified, Innovative Heat Pump Technology, Natural Gas Systems – Sizing and Design Consideration, Past, Present and Future of Building Energy Codes and DOE Appliance Mandates, and Working Effectively with Building Officials and Inspectors.

Bob is married and lives in Oregon. He is a retired NCAA and High School football official.

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