Course Author Spotlight: Roy Sidener


RedVector author and subject matter expert Roy Sidener has over 44 years of fire protection engineering experience, which has given him the opportunity to interact with a broad spectrum of businesses. In his time working with over 150 clients, he has assisted with risk assessment, loss prevention, fire and explosion incident investigation, design and document generation for fixed fire protection water supplies, special hazard clean agents, water based suppression systems and detection systems.

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Roy has worked in a variety of industry sectors including; design/construction, K-12 educational, university, municipal government utilities, institutional, automotive, medical, heavy industrial, chemical, nuclear, off-shore drilling, petroleum, Alaskan refinery facilities (pipeline), and commercial and industrial site evaluation and improvement. In addition to his technical skills in all aspects of fire prevention and protection system design, Roy has experience in multidiscipline coordination, evaluation and application of UK standards, US federal, state and local building and life safety codes and standards as well as Factory Mutual recommendations and data sheet information. Since 1972 he has worked with local authorities, clients and fire insurance carriers achieving a compromise of system protection, economy and lawful code compliance. This requires years of experience and an understanding of all aspects of today’s complex life safety and property conservation issues as well as the ability to balance the business interruption consequences of a major fire incident.

As a senior engineer registered in the discipline of fire protection, Roy has initiative, excellent organizational and public speaking skills, and the ability to communicate technical issues and code rational while focusing on the overall goals of the project. Fire and/or explosion incident investigations over his career have included; lightning strike and fire, flammable liquids fires, boiler explosion, fired equipment gas train malfunction with pressurized fire, paint mixing kitchen fire, cooling tower fire, bag house fire, water damage from freezing conditions, commercial cooking incidents, air compressor malfunction with ignited oil leak, and food packaging factory fire.

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