Course Author Spotlight: Ryan Jackson


RedVector course author Ryan Jackson is a NEC® consultant and combination inspector in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ryan has co-authored and assisted in editing over 25 books on the National Electrical Code, and has taught the subject at multiple colleges and universities.


Ryan began to build his electrical skills and knowledge while working as a carpenter in high school. At the age of 23, Ryan landed his first job as an electrical inspector, subsequently earning his certification in building, plumbing, mechanical inspection, and building and electrical plan review by the International Code Council. Two years after becoming an inspector, Ryan was approached by a friend asking him to fill in at an electrical seminar. After his first class, he was hooked, and is now a highly sought-after seminar instructor. Ryan has taught in several states, and enjoys helping people increase their understanding of National Electrical Code.

Ryan recently presented on the topic of 2017 NEC changes during RedVector’s webinar, 3 Ways the 2017 NEC Will Impact Your Organization, covering the 2017 NEC’s five new articles and revised requirements for electrical equipment installation, labeling, certification and working space. Ryan presented on these topics in detail using real-world examples that could have the potential to impact organizations in the follow ways:

  • Financially: Examples – For Fixing mistakes, bidding, accidents, improper operation of equipment, etc.
  • Safety: To personnel, owners, operators, and end-users.
  • Legally: Adoption of the code in your state or other areas.

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