Are You Using Pre-Incident Plans During Firefigher Training Exercises?

Pre-Incident Plans
Comprehensive pre-planning reports and training prepare a crew for when they are pressed into action. With TargetSolutions, agencies are able to document training hours spent analyzing local facilities.
Electronic Pre-Incident Plans You know how important it is to document inspections of your local facilities. Proving these examinations have taken place is critical to your next fire department ISO review.
But pre-plan reports are also great resources for training activities. Simulated training using pre-plans prepares crews for critical challenges they will see when pressed into action.
They can also be tremendous for teamwork exercises. Many departments effectively use pre-plans during training to give their crews a chance to work together as a team. This profession isn’t just about how strong or fast an individual might be. What matters most is how firefighters execute as a team.
By finding training drills and exercises using pre-plans, you’ll have great insight into how people will perform during emergencies.


TargetSolutions: The Next Evolutions in Training Management
TargetSolutions comes loaded with pre-built electronic documents for tracking pre-incident plans, ISO compliance, PPE inspections, licenses, and much more. Download this special report to learn more.



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