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October 20, 2022 2 min read

Calloway County Schools Streamlines Bus Driver Training Compliance




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The Customer

Calloway County Schools in Kentucky

The Challenge

Comply with new driver training regulations and re-imagine training
Calloway County Schools in Kentucky was grappling with a shortage of school bus drivers and was seeking a new approach to bus driver training. Getting drivers to attend NTI (non traditional instruction) days during the school day was challenging because many had other secondary jobs. The district also needed help getting its newly hired drivers into compliance with new federal requirements.

The Choice

The district selected Vector Solutions’ School Bus Safety Training Courses in order to:

  • Provide flexibility for drivers to train when their schedules allowed.
  • Help new drivers meet the U.S. Department of Transportation’s/ELDT and Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Pupil Transportation training requirements.

The Change

New convenient ways to deliver mandatory training by:

  1. Assigning drivers online training to complete at home for NTI work, to meet mandates, and to help prepare them for the CDL permit.
  2. Using a centralized and streamlined system
    to track and manage training.
  3. Introducing a new training process
    to reduce barriers to onboarding
    new drivers.
  4. Providing computers in the district’s
    transportation office for drivers to use.

The School Bus Safety Company Courses delivered through Vector Training provide online driver training on multiple topics, including Distracted Driving, Emergency Evacuations, Student Management, Safety Best Practices, and more. For more information, visit:

Christopher King

Trauma Informed Care Coordinator/AIF Assistant Principal and school bus driver for Calloway County Schools

“I liked that I was able to customize the courses with some of our Kentucky-specific information for some of the topics like loading and unloading and railroad crossing. We could use the general courses for the NTI days and then add in our own content to meet state requirements. The School Bus Safety Company CDL courses have also been a big help with CDL permit training.”

Brian Collier

Director of Transportation for Calloway County Schools

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