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January 7, 2021 3 min read

David Douglas School District




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Ease of Use and Outstanding Client Support Drive Seamless Transition to New Evaluation System

The Scenario

David Douglas School District is located in the East Portland area of Oregon and serves over 10,000 PK-12 students in 14 schools. To foster an educator evaluation environment that is user-friendly, collaborative, and results in higher teacher efficacy levels, David Douglas School District sought to replace its existing evaluation solution prior to the 2016-2017 school year. While the district had already made the move from a paper-based to an online evaluation solution, administrators and staff were frustrated by both the system and the lack of service surrounding the initial program they implemented.

The Challenge

With 805 licensed professionals using the existing online educator evaluation solution, David Douglas School District needed a solution that was more reliable, available across multiple platforms and devices, offered robust reporting capabilities, and above all, supported by strong, best-in-class customer service. A key factor in the district’s decision to switch to the Vector Evaluations+ (formerly TeachPoint) Educator Evaluation Solution was the ease of use for administrators, evaluators, and staff. A seamless implementation process was also critical as the district transitioned its evaluation process from one system to another.

The Solution

The Vector Evaluations+ Educator Evaluations System enables teachers and evaluators to perform all aspects of their evaluation process from self-assessment to goal setting to observations to year-end summative evaluations. Vector Evaluations+ is accessible from any device and any browser at any time, and includes key features such as data-driven metrics to measure educator effectiveness and the ability to upload and manage evidence and artifacts.

The Human Resources administrators at David Douglas School District found the implementation of the Vector Evaluations+ solution to be quick and easy. They were pleased with the training provided by the Vector Evaluations+ Client Success team and utilized a train-the-trainer model and the resources provided by Vector Evaluations+ to successfully roll out the new system to their licensed professional staff. One of the things the district values most about Vector Evaluations+ is the availability of support and the exceptional level of service provided by the Vector Evaluations+ Client Success team.

The Results

Administrators and evaluators at David Douglas School District are now able to perform more impactful classroom observations, while fostering greater collaboration between teachers and evaluators. The district’s licensed professionals have found that the Vector Evaluations+ Educator Evaluation Solution helps to keep them on track and maintain communication with their administrators throughout the entire evaluation process. The district is leveraging the extensive reporting features offered by Vector Evaluations+ and is utilizing the data to make adjustments at the classroom, school, and district levels to improve educator effectiveness.

What’s Next?

With such a positive experience with the Vector Evaluations+ Educator Evaluation Solution for its licensed professional staff, David Douglas School District will be expanding its implementation to their 700 classified staff for the 2018-2019 school year, bringing the total number of staff using the system to 1,500. Supervisors were looking for something better than their current pen and paper method to conduct evaluations for classified staff. Because of the customizable nature of the Vector Evaluations+ solution, they will be able to easily add the evaluation forms and workflows to support the evaluation process for this additional group of staff. Additional training will also be provided to principals to expand use of some of Vector Evaluations+’s more in-depth features, such as tagging to rubrics and detailed reporting.

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