RDI Medical: Daily Health Survey

RDI Medical: Daily Health Survey

The Customer

RDI Medical, a subset of the RDI Group, is a manufacturing company based in Itasca, IL. RDI Medical manufactures expertly-engineered medical mask machines and high-quality PPE.

The Situation

As an essential business, RDI Medical wanted to create a safe working environment for their employees, customers, and vendors. Specifically, they needed a fast and efficient way for employees and visitors to fill out a customized health questionnaire before entering the building each day. They considered sending emails, but they realized that they needed a more robust, streamlined solution.

The Solution

To address this concern, RDI Medical deployed the LiveSafe platform. They customized the daily health questionnaire feature to suit their organization and policies and now require employees to fill out the survey each day before work. A questionnaire link is also shared with vendors and customers visiting the office and made available through a QR code in the lobby.

The Result

Since deploying LiveSafe, RDI Medical has had no outbreaks in their facility. Using the LiveSafe questionnaire, RDI Medical can identify individuals that may have been exposed to COVID-19 and advise them of the organization’s policies and testing locations. LiveSafe enables RDI Medical to keep their employees, visitors, and vendors safe and informed.

“Given the various industries and businesses we serve, we are an essential manufacturing plant. It is critical and imperative that we keep our employees healthy and COVID free so that we can keep manufacturing. The LiveSafe app provided us with another tool that helped us prevent the spread of the coronavirus throughout our organization.”

- Herm Ilag, Vice President of HR, Manufacturing and Safety

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