Rockline Industries Streamlines Its Safety Data Analysis with IndustrySafe


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The teams at IndustrySafe and Rockline Industries have come together to launch a collaborative case study! IndustrySafe worked with Rockline to implement automatic reporting of critical safety data which allowed Rockline to develop well-informed strategies to improve safety measures throughout its operations.

Rockline Industries is one of the world’s largest manufactures of coffee filters; baking cups; and consumer, health care, industrial and institutional wet wipes; employing roughly 2,500 people in manufacturing factories across the world.

Rockline Industries’ goal was to develop a better system for employees to record and share safety concerns identified through its behavioral based safety and monthly inspection programs. They wanted a way to streamline the collection and analysis of its fragmented safety data. That’s when they turned to IndustrySafe.

The IndustrySafe team worked with Rockline to configure IndustrySafe’s software modules to allow for easy reporting and analytics of its safety data. Since implementing IndustrySafe in March of 2017, Rockline Industries has been able to easily calculate important safety metrics across divisions, locations, and business groups, as well as focus its frontline employees on recording safe and unsafe acts and conditions.

 “A cornerstone of our world-class safety program is our attention to even minor incidents and our investigation of all potential safety issues.” Says HS&E Manger of Rockline Industries, Bill Scheidt. “The data we pull from IndustrySafe’s dashboards and reports is an invaluable part of this process, and helps us make adjustments to how we work to continuously improve safety.”

For further details of this case study, visit our Resources page to download our case study on Rockline Industries, and learn which modules Rockline utilizes to meet its goals.  

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