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June 24, 2014 3 min read

Suburban Department Improves Training Consistency, Compliancy with TargetSolutions


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Lafayette Township Fire Department’s mission is to provide residents and visitors with the best fire and EMS protection possible. With that in mind, the department is constantly looking to reinforce its personnel’s knowledge in the field, respond to calls from the community in a timely and professional manner, and educate the public on the prevention of fire and medical emergencies.

The department consists of 44 dedicated members who work to answer approximately 500 calls each year in the communities of Lafayette Township, Chippewa Lake and Gloria Glens. As a smaller combination department, it’s important that personnel maximize their training experience to ensure optimal efficiency. Looking to improve training consistency and compliancy in a more convenient manner, the department turned to TargetSolutions in January or 2014.

Consistency: When it comes to training for emergency responders, it is vital to ensure every member receives the same pertinent information. Making certain everyone is up to date with training can be complicated and difficult. TargetSolutions’ online fire training platform helps Lafayette deliver the same training material simply and efficiently.

“The e-based form for delivering training with TargetSolutions ensures the training is consistent from me to our lead senior recruit,” said Lafayette Township Fire Department Capt. Carl West.

Convenience: By transitioning from manual training and tracking to TargetSolutions’ intuitive web-based platform, Lafayette Township has updated its training management practices, West said. With this powerful platform in place, the assignment and tracking of pre- and post-training coursework for knowledge, skills and abilities testing is simplified.

“Convenience plays a huge part with TargetSolutions,” said West. “The platform is very easy to maneuver. … We are able to streamline training through TargetSolutions’ online training platform, allowing us to make better use of valuable payroll hours.”

Compliance: TargetSolutions’ courses feature detailed lessons, post-course comprehension testing and mandatory timer requirements for EMS continuing education units. Courses are built to ensure users are properly trained on topics covered.

“You can’t cheat the system, no matter how hard you try, which is why I trust TargetSolutions’ training.”

Carl West

Captain with Lafayette Township Fire Department (Ohio)

“Every year the department is required to complete mandated training in sexual harassment, drug-free workplace, and alcohol free workplace. The department is able to put folks through the courses online and subsequently attach our own policies to it. In addition, I am able to require and e-signature to ensure accountability among individuals.”

The ability to deliver important policies through TargetSolutions has helped the department maintain compliance, while reducing in-person training sessions. In fact, Lafayette found immediate success in its first few months using the platform by achieving nearly 80 percent training compliance right away.

“This is a significant improvement over past years because we can actually quantify our compliance in one easy report,” West said. “In years past, it took a lot of manual entry and massaging to obtain the same information.”

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