Success Story: Ashtabula Area City SD

Success Story: Ashtabula Area City SD

Vector Evaluations+ vs. OTES 2.0

The District

Ashtabula Area City School District (AACS), located in northern Ohio near Lake Erie, is committed to preparing every student for future success. AACS is made up of seven schools serving 3500 students and employing 600 teaching and classified staff. The district was using the state provided Ohio eTPES system to evaluate teachers, counselors, and principals. AACS decided to make a switch so every employee could be evaluated.

The Challenge

Prior to Vector Evaluations+ (formerly TeachPoint), staff members outside of teachers, counselors, and principals, were either not being evaluated or were receiving evaluations via Microsoft Word to be placed in an employee’s file.

The district’s challenges included:

  • The need for one system to complete evaluations for all staff members.
  • The need to efficiently track which employees were being evaluated each year.
  • Was the district in compliance with their negotiated agreement?
The Solution

AACS has a goal to be in 100% compliance with their timelines and evaluations. They needed a comprehensive system that allowed them to track progress towards licensure renewal and attendance at all district-wide professional development opportunities.

Vector Evaluations+ addressed these evaluation challenges:

  • The ability to evaluate all employees in the same electronic system.
  • The ability to create separate customizable plans.
  • The ability to make improvements to the workflow each year.
  • The confidence that the system will adapt to the constant changes from the state or local level as it relates to completing evaluations

“We can add clear deadlines to our plans in Vector Evaluations+so that evaluators and evaluee scan monitor their timelines and complete all evaluations on time. Vector Evaluations+ also allows me to have access to our evaluations all year, where our current system disables access during summer months. Finally, I am able to send mass emails to any employee within Vector Evaluations+ that are missing components of their evaluation. This feature increases communication and accountability for staff and administrators."

Mariel Sallee

Director of School Improvement

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