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June 17, 2015 3 min read

Success Story: Enabling Cambridge Public Schools to Succeed with Online Evaluations




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The Scenario

Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) is a diverse urban school district committed to academic excellence and social justice for all students. With teacher effectiveness being the top priority in ensuring that over 6,500 students are receiving the best in education, the district decided to migrate from a paper-based teacher evaluation system to an online teacher evaluation platform.

The Challenge

The Cambridge Public Schools evaluation system migration from paper to online represented a significant procedural change for CPS teachers and administrators.  This was made even more complex due to new schools opening. The platform needed to be intuitive to ensure broad adoption, while also complying with Massachusetts Department of Education requirements.

The Solution

Viewed as the choice online educator evaluation platform by Massachusetts districts and schools, Vector Evaluations+ (formerly TeachPoint) was adopted by Cambridge Public Schools in 2012.  Since then, teachers and administrators have been impressed with the platform’s flexibility and how it has enabled them to:

  • Create Customized Forms
  • Easily Upload Evidence
  • Access from iPad or Computer
  • Create Customized Reports
  • Foster Collaboration via Feedback & Teacher Reflection

In addition, Vector Evaluations+ has exceeded customer service expectations. For example, CPS supplied iPads to principals as part of the rollout and Vector Evaluations+ provided training to guide them on how to best use the platform via the iPad in an effort to help with ramp-up time.

The Results

Since using the platform and working with the Vector Evaluations+ team, Cambridge Public Schools has been able to improve the timeliness of evaluations, run the reports they need to manage the process, and enhance opportunities for
dialogue and feedback between teacher and evaluator. In addition, Vector Evaluations+ has enabled CPS to easily capture goals, evidence, and ratings related to new District-Determined Measures
(DDMs) all within the platform. CPS enjoys the ability to edit and customize the State forms from the Forms Library in Vector Evaluations+ to meet the requirements of their union-approved forms.  And submitting the yearly State EPIMS report is made easy for CPS by exporting the report right from Vector Evaluations+.

Finally, Vector Evaluations+’s training, engagement, and responsiveness to questions has resulted in teachers and administrators embracing the platform.  Everyone is pleased with the results they are getting from Vector Evaluations+.

“Since 2012, TeachPoint has been a true partner to us every step of the way. We needed to address new requirements and they met our needs superbly.”

Ashley Pierre

Human Resource Specialist

“Prior to TeachPoint, feedback was often shared informally. We can now track the feedback and foster an ongoing dialogue, creating more impactful professional development opportunities.”

Katie Charner-Laird

Principal, Cambridgeport School

“TeachPoint is an extraordinary partner. They are ingrained in the education space and have deep experience with state requirements. The training offered for teachers and administrators has been exceptional!”

Barbara Allen

Executive Director for Human Resources

“Implementing any new educator evaluation program can be a difficult process. Through the intuitive nature of the platform, personalized customer service, and alignment with state requirements, TeachPoint made adoption easy and is playing an important role in our commitment to academic excellence.”

Jeffrey Young


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