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April 14, 2015 3 min read

Success Story: Enabling the Somerville School District to Achieve Educator Effectiveness




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The Scenario

Somerville Public Schools (NJ) is a high-performing school district that serves over 2,500 students and 250 teachers. Somerville has received numerous awards, including Teacher of the Year, District of Distinction (student achievement) and Superintendent of the Year. They take pride in maintaining optimal performance and using a continuous process to improve teacher effectiveness through teacher evaluations.

The Challenge

The district’s administrators, superintendent, principals, teachers and even the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC) were frustrated with their existing educator evaluation platform, MyLearningPlan.

They found it to be cumbersome and felt service levels were poor. Each time they needed to make a change, they had to go back to the company and faced lengthy turnaround times. Seeking other options, Academic Achievement Officer Tim Teehan spoke with a Massachusetts-based Vector Evaluations+ (formerly TeachPoint) customer. The contact raved about the platform and Tim was equally impressed. He recommended Vector Evaluations+ to his team. After viewing the platform, they unanimously chose to move forward with a pilot.

The Solution

Two years later, the Somerville School District leaders are just as impressed with the Vector Evaluations+ platform as they were on day one. They view Vector Evaluations+ as an intuitive, easy-to-use system that is customizable and secure. Everyone is pleased with the overall performance of Vector Evaluations+ that enables them to:

  • Create customized forms

    • Using ready-made templates
    • Quickly with form-building tool
    • Complying with State requirements
  • Easily upload evidence

    • Including videos, photos & documents
    • To file, track and share between educators
    • Eliminating need for binders
  • Access from anywhere at anytime

    • Via any device
  • Create customized reports

    • Tailored to their specific needs
    • Aligned with state-reporting requirements
  • Collaborate via feedback & teacher reflection

    • Assist with coaching conversations
    • Identify professional development opportunities

The Results

Superintendent Dr. Timothy Purnell spearheads the Purpose-Driven Walkthrough initiative in the district, designed to assess an administrator’s ability to achieve their goals. Each administrator focuses on 1-2 areas where they feel the educator is effective and 1-2 areas where they feel they need to improve. Each walkthrough involves 5-10 minutes of observation. The ability to easily document feedback via any mobile device is critical to the process. Vector Evaluations+ attributes, such as ease of access and checkbox/feedback capabilities, enables flawless execution. As a result, teachers and principals benefit from a program that fosters professional development in ways never before thought possible.

Darcy Powers

Human Resources Manager

“With Vector Evaluations+, I can find all of my evaluations in one place, and it keeps me aware of what task is coming up next. It’s great!”


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