Titusville Fire Department Tracks and Manages Resources with TargetSolutions Check It™


When looking for a cloud-based solution for their department’s inspections, Chief Jeffery Harris and Chief Greg Sutton of Titusville Fire Department (FL) found their answer in TargetSolutions Check It™. Already a user of TargetSolutions for training management, it was an easy choice to add the inspection application to their site.

Since implementing TargetSolutions Check It™ in early 2020, Titusville FD can better track resources and keep things from falling through the cracks with detailed apparatus, equipment and inventory checks.

About Titusville Fire Department

Located in east central Florida, Titusville Fire Department serves a population of roughly 46,000 citizens. In addition to its permanent residents, Titusville FD must also consider tourists in their emergency response plans. This is especially important as they are near Kennedy Space Center.

Across 4 stations and 56 personnel, Titusville is an all hazards department. Its members are prepared to answer fire and EMS calls of all types – including medical calls, vehicle accidents, terrorist threats and weather emergencies.

A Mobile Solution for Daily Inspections

Chief Harris and Chief Sutton were looking for a solution for tracking inspections and inventory control as traditional methods were not effective or efficient enough to manage all the resources used by their department. Harris recalled a time when a piece of equipment from their department, that they hadn’t realized went missing during a call, turned up at a flea market.

Learning from incidents like these, the department was determined to improve how they could track items such as their brand-new air packs and bottles.

Now, with TargetSolutions Check It™, their members can use their own mobile devices to inspect apparatus, account for every piece of equipment and ensure everything functions properly. The mobile application also makes it simple for personnel to input updates on the go, such as gas during a fill up, so they don’t have to worry about remembering to log it into a computer later.

In addition to routine inspections, TargetSolutions Check It™ allows department members to give detailed explanations when an item fails a checklist step. For example, if an apparatus is leaking oil, personnel can upload a picture of an oil stain from the station and notify the department.

Improved Communication throughout the Department

Chief Harris and Chief Sutton agreed the communication features in TargetSolutions Check It™ also help keep everyone on the same page. Sutton explained he gets an email when something goes wrong and he can address it sooner.

Additionally, with the Tickets module, members have a clear visual of department resources with work orders. Personnel can easily monitor the status of apparatus or equipment that’s broken, out for repair, or back in service.

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