Utility Company: Safety Survey

Utility Company: Safety Survey

The Customer

This client is a publicly-traded utility company that provides electricity and gas to millions of customers on the West Coast of the United States.

The Situation

This utility company has thousands of workers completing installments and repairs in the field each day. Particularly when working alone or entering new or high-risk worksites, employees need to complete on-the-spot risk assessments to ensure that they are aware of potential hazards and are prepared to work safely. This utility client wanted to make it easy for workers to complete risk assessments prior to beginning a job.

The Solution

This utility company had previously deployed LiveSafe across its organization. To facilitate regular and effective risk assessments, they added a survey to their organization’s LiveSafe Mobile App called a “Tailboard Checklist.” This survey prompts workers to identify themselves and then answer risk-related yes/no questions to ensure that they are prepared to safely complete their tasks. For example, the survey confirms that workers have all the necessary tools and supplies and that they have identified high-risk tasks.

The Result

By uploading this survey into the LiveSafe Mobile App, this utility client is able to facilitate safe operations and inspire a safety-first mindset among their workforce. Rapid survey results also enable them to identify any worksite risks and hazards so that they can be quickly addressed.

"Measuring risk is about understanding the time horizon, what the consequences may be based on exposure, the relative likelihood of an event occurring and how quickly the consequences will materialize."

- EY

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