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May 3, 2023 4 min read

Wylie ISD Turns to Vector for Back-to-School Safety and Well-Being Programming and State Compliance




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The Customer

Wylie Independent School District is located in Wylie, Texas.

Wylie ISD is a fast-growing school system northeast of metropolitan Dallas. The district serves more than 18,300 students across its 20 campuses.

The Challenge

Find a uniform district-wide solution to address state requirements. Wylie ISD is an 18,000-student district near Dallas. There are multiple mandates in Texas regarding educating students about topics such as bullying and drug prevention. Historically at Wylie ISD, each building principal would decide how to handle education on these topics by implementing school-wide programs or initiatives. But programs varied from school to school and often the programs were not comprehensive. It was difficult for administrators to keep track of what each school was doing and ensure all schools were meeting the state requirements.

Offer additional resources to support student’s transition back to school. Wylie ISD has several initiatives in place to help students prepare for the start of the school year. It hosts a back-to-school night where students are assigned Chromebooks, have the opportunity to locate their classrooms and get squared away on lunch accounts, and parking passes, and address any issues. District leaders were seeking to supplement these back-to-school activities with additional instruction around student safety and well-being topics in order to better support students during this critical back-to-school timeframe.

The Choice

The district adopted Vector Solutions’ Student Safety & Wellness Courses in order to:

  • Ensure district-wide compliance with state requirements around bullying prevention, suicide awareness and prevention, and other student safety topics.
  • Supplement efforts to prepare students for the start of school.

The Change

The district is now able to:

  • Provide important, relevant instruction that students can take when they start the school year or before the school year begins. Because the Student Safety & Wellness courses are online, students can take the courses during class, or at home. Wylie ISD typically assigns the courses to students to complete before the school year starts. Then during their first few days of school, teachers lead discussions with students about what they learned. The courses are also assigned as part of the enrollment procedure for new students. District leaders appreciate the courses because they:
    • Give all students the opportunity to go into each school year with a strong foundational knowledge base about important safety and wellness topics.
    • Have quizzes at the end of each lesson to measure students’ understanding of the topics.
    • Feature diverse young people to help engage students and make the content more relatable.
  • Track school and district compliance in meeting state requirements for education on bullying and other student safety topics. Vector’s system allows administrators to keep track of who has completed the Student Safety & Wellness courses and send reminders and completion updates directly to principals. District leaders also appreciate that the courses are easy to implement and user-friendly. They have received positive feedback from principals about the process.

About Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions’ Student Safety & Wellness Courses are powerful, engaging online video lessons for students in grades 6-12. They teach lifelong skills to help students stay safe and prepare for the realities of life today.

The courses come in four collections:

  • Personal and Community Safety
  • Substance Misuse and Prevention
  • Mental Health and Well-Being
  • Healthy Relationships and Inclusion

Courses are authored by subject-matter experts and feature peer presenters making them relatable and engaging for students to watch. The courses also feature helpful lesson plans with discussion questions and activities to support educators in using the courses with their students.

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Before the first day of school, (the student’s) job is to complete the Vector Student Safety & Wellness courses like you would in a new job. This is a good way to start off the year and our school board likes that students learn this early on,” said Wylie ISD District Counseling Coordinator Amy Andrews.

She also appreciated that the courses are led by peer presenters. “A big plus for students is that the courses feature kids their age, with a common language. The developers hit it on the mark. They’re written very appropriately,” Andrews said.

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