On-Demand Webinar

Enhancing Recruitment and Retention with a Talent Management Tool


Learn How Vector Evaluations+ Can Supplement Your New Hire Program

Testing and tracking your crew's skills is essential to your department's training program. Utilizing a performance management application to support your department's hiring needs, professional growth, and annual reviews can help improve firefighter safety and produce better outcomes.

Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage Vector Evaluations+ for a holistic understanding of your crew's competencies, which will help improve performance, support recruitment, and increase retention.

Integrated with Vector Solutions' industry leading online training management platform, Vector Evaluations+ is a powerful add-on solution that enables evaluators to record live videos of training exercises, assess performance, and track skill sheets in one powerful application.

This webinar will cover how to do the following with Vector Evaluations+:

  • Conduct live skill assessments and annual reviews
  • Utilize customizable digital skill sheets to determine skill proficiency
  • Maximize daily observation reports to analyze performance
  • Address areas of need by assigning training through Vector LMS


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