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February 2, 2023

How POST Directors Can Streamline Certification Management


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Having trouble getting information from local police agencies in a timely manner? Can you easily see which officers are up-to-date and certified and which aren’t? Is your staff tired of entering the same information in multiple systems?

POST directors have the tough job of ensuring the police officers in their state stay compliant, accountable, and trained on policing best practices. Plus, their efforts are reliant on local law enforcement agencies to submit timely and accurate training and certification information on their employed staff. If your system makes it difficult to locate and submit such information, chances are, the information you’ve collected is either outdated or incomplete-making it even harder on you and your staff when there’s a request for records.

Watch the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and Vector Solutions for tips and technology features that will help POST directors and their staff manage certifications.

We discussed:

  • The common challenges faced by POST organizations when managing certifications

  • Enhanced workflows that can improve officer compliance, accountability, and transparency

  • How the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy has overcome many of their challenges with technology

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