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March 29, 2022

How to Improve Officer Performance with Integrated Training Technology


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Learn How You Can Schedule, Deliver, and Track Training and Compliance Tasks to Support Your Officers from Hire to Retire

Are you looking to ensure your officers are trained properly and everything that happens during their career is documented? Through Vector Solutions’ training management platform and its integrated applications, you have the ability to plan, administer, record, and report all training and compliance tasks to meet your department’s training requirements and track everything from the start of an officer’s career to the end.

With one comprehensive system, your agency can deliver online training, track in-person training, digitally capture scenario-based training and other live skill assessments, and disseminate policies to improve officer performance and streamline daily operations to achieve a higher level of efficiency and compliance.

Watch this special webinar presentation to learn how Vector Solutions can prepare and support your officers’ careers with tools to:

  • Assign and document all online, live field training, and DORs with Vector LMS and Vector Evaluations+
  • Track everything that happens during an officer’s career, from beginning to end 
  • Package vital training materials (courses, activities, policies, tests, etc.) into a credential for easier tracking and reporting
  • Leverage Vector Check It to streamline management of essential personnel equipment inspections such as uniforms, weapons, and protective gear