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How Emergency Communication Centers Can Simplify Complex Staffing Challenges


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Learn How Vector Solutions Helps Agencies Manage Scheduling, Ensure Coverage, and Improve Efficiency

The role of a dispatcher is crucial to public safety agencies. With the importance and unpredictability of this position, emergency communication centers require a flexible and effective solution for staffing employees. Watch this webinar presentation to learn how you can leverage Vector Solutions' workforce management system, Vector Scheduling, to automate and streamline employee scheduling and ensure the right personnel with the right qualifications are staffed.

This webinar will deliver a brief overview of how emergency communication centers can manage training and compliance with Vector Solutions' industry-leading training platform.

View this webinar to learn the following:

  • Process time-off requests, overtime, and shift trades through the mobile app
  • Fill open positions with qualified individuals to fulfill various staffing needs
  • Ensure schedules and staffing levels are appropriate and accurate
  • Run and export reports for payroll, hours worked, callbacks, etc.
  • Deliver training, live skill assessments, and compliance tasks



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