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How to Simplify Preventative Maintenance Processes

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How to Execute an Effective Preventative Maintenance Strategy to Protect Your Department

Without routine maintenance inspections and proper documentation, defective equipment and overdue checks can result in costly repercussions. Through Vector Solutions' mobile asset management system, Vector Check It, Fire & EMS agencies can view inspection history on assets, open service tickets, document costs, and track the progress of an out-of-service apparatus and equipment repairs. Watch this on-demand webinar presentation to learn how you can leverage Vector Check It to implement a preventative maintenance program to ensure safety for your personnel and the community you serve.

Watch this webinar to see how your agency can do the following:

  • Utilize the mobile app to create and track in the field
  • Manage repair and maintenance workflows with customizable notifications
  • Set up apparatus service tasks based on vehicle metrics or time
  • Maximize dashboards and reports to view past inspections, vehicle or equipment performance and more

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