On-Demand Webinar

How to Streamline Training, Operations, and Workforce Management


Bringing Our Training, Compliance, Operations and Workforce Management Solutions to You

For this year's FDIC and FRI conferences, Vector Solutions is bringing its innovative solutions to you in this special webinar presentation. Vector Solutions' web-based system offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed for the training and operational needs of the fire and EMS industries. Watch this webinar recording to learn how Vector Solutions' integrated mobile and online applications simplify how departments manage training compliance, daily inspections of apparatus and equipment, crew scheduling and more.

Watch this webinar to learn how your agency can do the following:

  • Deliver and track more than 450 hours of firefighter continuing education and 250 hours of accredited EMS training
  • Distribute important policies and keep records of acknowledgement in centralized online system
  • Evaluate live skill assessments with in-app video recordings and customizable skill sheets that show proof of competency
  • Perform equipment checks, monitor controlled substances, and keep accurate logs of essential resources with dynamic mobile app
  • Streamline scheduling, overtime hiring, callbacks, time-off requests and more with fully customizable features


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