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August 1, 2021

Managing RT-130 Wildland Safety Training for the Fire Service


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How You Can Maximize Vector Solutions’ Online Training Platform and Vector Evaluations+ to Prepare for Wildfire Season

To prepare for the upcoming wildfire season and ensure your fire department is ready, it’s crucial for personnel to review annual RT-130 training with up-to-date data and findings from previous fires. With Vector Solutions’ online training management system, agencies have the ability to deliver, track and report wildland fire safety refresher training and assess live skill evaluations from the drill-yard with Vector Evaluations+. Watch this webinar video to learn how you can leverage the Vector Solutions platform to implement an effective wildland training program to ensure personnel are deployable and optimize safety for members of your department and community.

Watch this webinar to learn how to do the following:

  • Assign dynamic online training including RT-130 fire refresher training for your department
  • Utilize customizable skill sheets and record evaluations such as the Pack test with Vector Evaluations+
  • Create Credentials to track members who have completed and maintained training to ensure preparedness
  • Create custom activities to track events, online and COVID-related training and more