Upcoming Live Webinar

Maximizing Firefighter Interoperability: Creating Evaluations for Real-World Applications

Presented by Acadis and Dr. Brian Brauer


Wednesday, August 24, at 2 p.m. ET

The number of available firefighters is decreasing, but the number of incidents, as well as the complexity of those situations, continues to rise. With fewer available to work, it’s critical that the training and testing emergency responders receive prepares them for real-life scenarios. Can a multiple-choice test really do that effectively?

In this new live webinar, Dr. Brian Brauer will discuss how modernizing and standardizing training and testing can positively impact interoperability in the fire industry on a regional, state, and national scale as well as meet the evaluation expectations of the NFPA Technical Committees.

Moderated by the Acadis by Vector Solutions team, we'll discuss:

  • A framework to develop standardized assessments
  • Why consistent grading and evaluations are essential
  • Real life examples of grading, assessments, and evaluations
  • Using the framework to further develop career firefighters
  • How to connect current problems with solutions


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