On-Demand Webinar Series

Navigating Critical Incidents: Before, During, and After



Vector Cares, a Vector Solutions initiative, is proud to release this on-demand three-part webinar series geared to help all first responders, public safety agencies, and any organization providing primary support to communities better navigate the mental health impact of critical incidents.

View this powerful series to hear fellow career first responders Cathy and Javier Bustos, known as That Peer Support Couple, and Vector Solutions Engineer Johnny Roberson, share strategic and specific best practices to help your agency and your people prepare for, manage through, and recover from inevitable critical incidents that are common to the profession.


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Preparing Your Organization for Critical Incidents
Part 1 of this three-part series dives into various ways departments and organizations can proactively address critical incidents by setting up strategic programs and policies around wellness and support, including:

  • department wellness programs
  • access to culturally competent mental health professionals
  • ongoing mental health training
  • critical incident policies

Supporting First Responders During a Critical Incident

Part 2 of this series addresses strategies departments and first responders can use to get through a critical incident, including:

  • communication tactics
  • the role of a first responder's 'first line of defense' (family, friends, peers)
  • preventing employees from getting 'lost in the mental woods'
  • the symbiotic relationship between department and employee


Helping First Responders Recover from a Critical Incident
The final part of this series provides an insightful guide on healing from a critical incident, including:

  • critical incident anniversaries
  • post-traumatic experiences
  • exposure after a critical incident (media coverage, inquires, triggers)


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