Webinar: School Violence Prevention – Lessons From the Front Lines


On-Demand Webinar with Dr. Scott Poland

It is essential that that school and community personnel know the incidence of school violence and be up to date on the best safety and prevention practices. This webinar will review recommendations from numerous state and national initiatives and foundations that have focused on school safety. The important role that students play in school safety and prevention will also be emphasized. The presenter has a wealth of practical experience responding to school shootings, and participants will learn lessons from school tragedies and practical strategies to prevent future school violence.

School Violence Prevention Webinar Topics

  1. Learn the actual incidence of school shootings and what is known about school shooters and their motivation.
  2. Analyze school shootings and identify the lessons for prevention and response to future school violence.
  3. Learn how to evaluate a threat of school violence and determine the actions to take to increase the safety of all concerned.


About the Presenter - Dr. Scott Poland

Dr. Poland is a Professor at CPS and the Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University. He is an internationally recognized expert on school crisis and youth suicide and has authored five books on the subject. He previously directed psychological services for a large Texas district for 24 years and is a past President of the National Association of School Psychologists and a past Prevention Division Director for the American Association of Suicidology. He recently authored the Suicide Safer School Plan for Texas and the Crisis Action School Toolkit on Suicide for Montana. He was a founding member of the National Emergency Assistance Team and has assisted schools/communities after tragedies such as school shootings, suicides, and acts of terrorism. He has received the Houston Wage Peace Award and the Parkland Helping the Community Heal Award. Dr. Poland is the author of Vector Training Staff and Student Courses on bullying, suicide, threat assessment, and managing the aftermath of tragedy.

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