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Achieving CFM Certification and Recertification: Online Learning Path for Aspiring and Current Facilities Managers


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Elevate Facility Management (FM) employee careers and cultivate future leaders for your facilities organization with pre-selected courses from our comprehensive online course library.

Develop & Upskill Your Facility Managers

In today’s competitive job market, 45 percent of employers report difficulties in finding skilled workers, with skilled trades being the hardest to find. Address this gap with our learning path template designed to prepare your facility managers for the CFM exam or provide on-the-job refresher training for current CFMs. Vector Solutions offers over 200 accredited courses designed to cover 11 essential competency areas critical for CFM success and CEUs.

These courses offer more than just professional development; they empower your leaders to continually demonstrate mastery of FM knowledge and expertise with the following topics:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Finance and Business
  • Project Management
  • Occupancy and Human Factors
  • Sustainability
  • Facility Information Management and Technology Management
  • Risk Management
  • And more

By staying ahead in the FM field with a CFM certification, employees not only enhance their careers but also set a strong example for the next generation of facility management leaders.

Invest in your employees’ professional development with Vector Solutions. Download the complimentary Learning Path Template and see how we can help make your workplace safer, smarter, and better. Contact us and request a demo today.

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