White Paper: Controlled Substances Compliance Considerations

White Paper: Controlled Substances Compliance Considerations
Tracking Controlled Substances with Confidence

Ensuring compliance to the DEA and other regulatory bodies for managing controlled substances requires comprehensive documentation of storage locations, inventory levels and all transactions. Download this white paper on steps EMS leaders can take to effectively manage controlled substances and achieve compliance.

The Ultimate Solution for Tracking Assets

Vector Solutions Check It™ offers a Controlled Substances tracking application for total compliance management. Track drugs as they move through your department with advanced security features and data collection technology. With this solution you can:

✔ Track transactions of controlled substances through the operational flow (from procurement to inventory to usage)
✔ Verify the identify of responsible personnel via two-step user authorization and facial recognition technology
✔ Accurately record daily, event-based and biennial changes to inventory of controlled substances
✔ Produce comprehensive reports of drug transfers, usage or disposal, expiration dates and more

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