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Small Colleges, Big Impact: Lessons in Alcohol Prevention

Vector Solutions’ course data indicate that students at larger schools and those enrolled at small schools are more similar than different when it comes to alcohol use. This means that small schools are faced with similar challenges as larger schools in addressing student behavior, but have the ability to leverage some distinctive strengths in order to effect meaningful change. In this white paper, Small Colleges, Big Impact: Lessons in Alcohol Prevention from Small Colleges, we explore a different perspective on alcohol prevention. We examine some of the strategies and tools that smaller colleges leverage in order to build comprehensive and effective prevention education initiatives.


Download the White Paper to Learn How To:

  • Gain insight into alcohol use among undergraduates and implications for practice.
  • Discover how a small liberal-arts college leverages campus-wide initiatives in their prevention strategy.
  • Receive key considerations for prevention strategies within the campus community.

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