Diversity & Inclusion Training, K-12 Education

Formerly SafeSchools

Online diversity and inclusion courses for K-12 teachers, staff, high school and middle school students help build an inclusive school culture.

Our goal is to help create safer and more inclusive schools for students and staff, and our Diversity and Inclusion Program (formerly DiversityEdu) offers diversity and inclusion courses for High School Students and K-12 Teachers and Staff, delivered through the Vector Training system. This program is proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors.



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Content is based on current peer-reviewed research and is continually updated to keep up with evolving concepts and terminology.

Engage Staff

Developing Skills

Our courses ​teach ​skills that course-takers can use so their language and choices help grow inclusion in a diverse school.


Expertise & Experience

Courses are built by experts in education, psychology, law, and instructional design and feature videos from preeminent scholars.

Increase Compliance

Positively Impact Culture

Establish a classroom environment that enables students and teachers to engage comfortably with difference.

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Engaging Content

Mobile-friendly, accessible course design. Reenactments relate learning points to realistic personal experiences.


Easy to Use

Our affordable subscription-based system includes a number of automated features that make your job easier. Assign courses individually or use in a group setting. Email notification, real-time tracking, and more!

Proven Outcomes, Major Impact

After taking the Diversity and Inclusion course, students were 3x more likely to use diversity-related terms and concepts. The results of our randomized, mixed methods study show that students who took the courses are more likely to engage with diversity, more likely to intervene during a microaggression, and feel more competent using diversity skills.

Find out how these courses can positively impact your school culture today!

K-12 Teachers and Staff

Give teachers and staff the skills for engaging with diverse students and colleagues with our online courses, which are based on peer-reviewed research and input from top scholars in the field.

Core Program Online Courses:

  • Engagement with Diversity Course - 24 mins
  • Communication for Inclusion Course - 46 mins
  • The Influence of Unconscious Bias - 36 mins
  • Refresher - 51 mins

Example Course Topics:

  • Defining diversity and engaging with difference
  • Anticipating impact and understanding microaggressions
  • Unconscious bias in the classroom
  • Classroom inclusion and cultural humility

Companion Facilitator's Guide helps deepen engagement with Diversity and Inclusion learning through remote and in-person activities, discussions, and more based on the same pedagogy as the courses.

83% say they will rethink how they communicate with people based on the skills they learned in the Diversity and Inclusion courses.

EDU - K12 Diversity & Inclusion Course on Mobile
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Middle and High School Students

Keep students engaged with interactive exercises, relatable video reenactments, and modern course design.

Core Program Online Courses: 

  • High School Full Course - 21 mins
  • High School Refresher - 10 mins
  • Middle School Full Course - 25 mins
  • Middle School Refresher - 10 mins

Example Course Topics:

  • Defining diversity inclusively
  • Engaging with difference
  • Anticipating impact and identity terminology
  • Understanding microaggressions

Companion Facilitator's Guide helps deepen engagement with Diversity and Inclusion learning through remote and in-person activities, discussions, games and more based on the same pedagogy as the courses.

8x more likely to exhibit awareness of diversity-related issues after taking the Diversity and Inclusion course.

Follow On Learning Library for
K-12 Teachers and Staff

Support your organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with the additional library of courses focused on current topics that build on the core K-12 Teacher and Staff course curriculum. These short 10-30 minute online courses help teachers and staff practice D&I skills and delve deeper into topics that matter to them.

Learning Library Courses:

  • Becoming an Ally: Part 1
  • Becoming an Ally: Part 2
  • Classroom Inclusion: Bullying, Trauma and Cultural Humilty
  • Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring Part 1: Developing Networks
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring Part 2: Relational Mentoring
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring Part 3: Combating Bias as a Mentor
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Additional Course Library Options

Customize your Vector Training annual subscription with the course library options that best meet your specific needs.

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