Whitepapers & Guides
April 13 2022

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Guide

Make the shift away from reactive/”breakdown” maintenance and toward a more proactive, preventive maintenance approach by implementing Total Productive Maintenance, or TPM, at your plant. TPM begins on the foundation of 5S from lean and empowers machine operators to do…

September 14 2021

Webinar: Facilities Management & Maintenance Training Solutions Demo

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Facilities Management & Maintenance Training Solutions Demo Recorded Webinar WATCH/LISTEN NOW Recorded September, 2021 Join key accounts manager Chris Twitchell of Vector Solutions as he provides a helpful overview of the training solutions for Facilities Maintenance and…

Whitepapers & Guides
May 5 2021

Maintainability & Reliability Competitive Excellence Infographic

Maintainability & Reliability Competitive Excellence Model Infographic Download this infographic for tips for improving maintainability and reliability at your organization--brought to you by the University of Tennessee's Reliability & Maintainability Center and Vector Solutions. Levels include: Create the culture Standardize…

April 23 2021

Online Occupational Safety and Health Solutions Webinar

RECORDED WEBCAST Online Occupational Safety and Health Solutions Listen Now Webcast Overview Recorded, June, 2021 Safety management calls for excellent inter-personal skills and relationships but also the use of appropriate tools, including online and/or digital tools, to help you perform…

April 21 2021

Selecting & Using Online Maintenance Training Webinar

RECORDED ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Selecting & Using Online Maintenance Training Watch Now Webinar Overview Recorded May 4, 2021 As technology and technological acceptance have increased over time, online training has grown workplaces across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated that…

August 27 2019

Online Contractor Orientation Buyers Guide: Tips & Free Download

Does your company employ contractors? Probably. Do you also have visitors and vendors on site? Again, probably. Do you need to create safety orientation materials for those contractors, visitors, and vendors before they come on site? Probably. And do you…

June 10 2019

What the RMIC Certification Can Do for You: An…

(Scroll down to watch the video with Dr. Klause Blache of UT-RMIC discussing the RMIC® program.) At Vector Solutions, we offer both job training and continuing education services for workers and professionals in the maintenance trades—industrial maintenance and facilities maintenance.…