Funding Sources for Schools

Find Funding Aligned with Our K-12 Solutions

Our expert support and resources can help your school or district identify funding resources that be used to implement many of the products in the Vector Solutions suite of online training, safety, compliance, and professional growth solutions for K-12 schools. Schools and districts around the country have successfully used different types of federal formula and competitive funding, combined with state and local funding, to bring these solutions to their staff and students.

Federal Funding

Federal Funding

Formula Funds - Formula grant programs are noncompetitive awards based on a predetermined formula to determine how much each school receives. For example, Title I funds are distributed based on formulas that utilize low-income Census data. As another example, IDEA funds are allocated based on formulas that account for the number of students with disabilities a district serves. These programs are sometimes referred to as state-administered programs, allocated amounts, or block grants.

Competitive Funds - Competitive grants, or discretionary grants, are restricted by criteria that applicants must meet and are, by nature, only awarded to a select group of states or districts. A competitive grant is a request for funding for fixed or known periods of time, for specific projects.

Federal Funding Overview

The information below provides a brief overview of several federal funding programs, information on the use of these funds, and details about how the Vector Solutions products align with each program to help administrators in evaluating the opportunities for funding the programs for their staff and students.

Formula Funds

Explore these formula funds aligned with our K-12 solutions.

Competitive Funds

Explore these competitive grant funds aligned with our K-12 solutions.

Download our complete Federal Funding Overview for additional details about these funding options.