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    May 14, 2024

    Vector Solutions Awarded 10-Year Contract With U.S. Customs and Border Protection To Modernize and Optimize Critical Enterprise Training and Resource Management Processes


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    This partnership provides vital technology to streamline training management and enterprise training logistics for one of the world’s largest law enforcement organizations

    TAMPA, FL, Tuesday May 14, 2024 – Today, Vector Solutions, a leading provider of training, compliance, and complex training logistics solutions for critical federal agencies, announced a significant milestone in its partnership with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This 10-year award continues and expands CBP’s use of Vector Solutions’ Acadis Readiness Suite to streamline training operations with a secure, scalable, and blended learning platform built specifically for mission-critical federal government public safety agencies.

    “For two decades, Vector Solutions (previously Envisage Technologies) has proudly partnered with CBP and numerous federal agencies to design software that embodies the future of high-risk, high-consequence training,” said Ari Vidali, Chief Strategist at Acadis by Vector Solutions. “This long-standing collaboration between multiple Federal agencies is unique in that it has enabled us to take training platforms well beyond generic Learning Management Systems (LMS) to create efficiencies and modernize training processes for government agencies well into the future.”

    With more than 70,000 employees, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is one of the world’s largest law enforcement organizations and is charged with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. while facilitating lawful international travel and trade. Vector Solutions supports its federal partners in highly complex training environments that require core training and logistics activities across numerous law enforcement academy sites as well as in-service training and blended learning. Vector Solutions’ Acadis Readiness Suite provides a single, integrated solution for managing training and learning in support of the intricate training environments of our nation’s law enforcement partners.

    Designed from the ground up for high security, the Acadis platform is FedRAMP Authorized and is hosted in a FedRAMP High environment, providing CBP with a secure, scalable enterprise solution tailored to the unique needs of federal law enforcement and Department of Defense organizations.

    “We are honored to continue supporting CBP in their mission to safeguard our nation’s borders and ensure the safety and security of all Americans,” said Vidali. “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative, mission-critical solutions that empower federal agencies to apply technology to strategic leverage points to reduce costs and achieve their training and operational objectives.”

    To learn more about Vector Solutions and the Acadis Readiness Suite for federal agencies, click here.


    At Vector, we are passionate about helping those who have a mission to help and protect others. For over two decades, with our Acadis Readiness Suite, our purpose has focused on modernizing the complex training operations of federal agencies. Based on our significant experience with evolving training processes, we work closely with our numerous federal and state partners to find ways to modernize processes, enable the achievement of measurable results, and eliminate redundant costs by incorporating proven best practices into a single, comprehensive training and compliance ecosystem. Vector’s Acadis Readiness Suite is trusted by over 2 million public safety professionals and more than 10,000 agencies.


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