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More than 5,000 agencies trust Vector Solutions to achieve training compliance and maintain operational efficiency

Deliver Training for Public Entities

The Vector Solutions training management system offers more than 2,500 online training courses proven to reduce liability and increase productivity.

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Track Training Compliance

Deliver, track and report all training and compliance tasks. Bundle training courses and electronic forms together, create job-specific career paths and document everything.


Reduce Liabiltiy Exposure

Minimize risk with an effective safety training program that features comprehensive continuing education, detailed reporting features and communication tools for policy management. 


Enhance Your Members' Loyalty with Dynamic Training and Reduce Overall Liability

Serving Critical Industries With Custom Solutions.
Because One Size Does Not Fit All.

Vector Solutions provides a complete suite of training and operations management applications built to enforce safety practices, enhance performance, and protect resources. Utilizing our integrated suite of applications, public safety agencies can ensure compliance and maximize productivity. Find out why more than 7,000 public agencies are using Vector Solutions to manage training, compliance, operations and workforce management.

Reduce the frequency of claims with proven training that minimizes workplace accidents and reinforces industry best practices. Deliver more than 2,500 courses created by industry experts with digital interactions, scenario-based learning and custom videos. Courses can be completed anytime, anywhere with 24/7 online convenience.


Help members streamline daily operations with easy-to-use online applications. Vector Solutions’ intuitive learning management system delivers compliance training and centralizes employee’s training records. Comprehensive reports show useful training data to prove competencies and address any organizational risks.

Innovative software and paperless records modernize loss prevention services and improve organization. Eliminate wasteful paper files with secure, web-based recordkeeping applications and utilize eSignatures for mandatory policy acknowledgements and more.


Prevent Loss. Reduce Claims.




Vector Scheduling

Manage your crew’s shift scheduling, overtime, callbacks, and payroll data with an easy-to-use workforce management system built for mission critical industries.

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“TargetSolutions offers tremendous value for our members. It’s a key component of PRISM’s loss prevention and risk management services.”

Charles Williams

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“TargetSolutions helps the JPIA serve its members more effectively.”

Patricia Slaven


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“TargetSolutions is one of the valuable tools separating us from our competition.”

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