Amarillo Fire Department Utilizes Innovative Inspection Software by TargetSolutions

For the Amarillo Fire Department (TX), inadequate documentation of routine apparatus, equipment and gear inspections have had costly consequences.

When the Texas Commission of Fire Protection (TCFP) informed the department that their potential fines for incomplete inspections totaled to $250,000, the AFD decided it was time to invest in a more effective and cost-efficient solution.

Although starting out with another electronic inspection system, Halligan, which was acquired by TargetSolutions' parent company Vector Solutions in February of 2019, was recommended to the department and was implemented in December 2018. In the few short months, the AFD has already made strides in ensuring all their daily inspections are performed and tracked.

About the Amarillo Fire Department

The Amarillo Fire Department provides emergency services for two-hundred thousand citizens throughout the city of Amarillo. The AFD is comprised of 288 (269 uniformed) professionals operating out of 13 fire stations across the community.

In 2018, the department became an accredited agency with an all-hazard, quality improvement model based on risk analysis and self-assessment that promotes the establishment of community-adopted performance targets for fire and emergency service agencies.

Application-Based Checks & Communication

With Halligan, AFD personnel have everything they need to perform detailed inspections in the palm of their hands. The application-based system hosts all the department’s checklists for apparatus, PPE and more and is accessible from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Captain LaGrone praised how straightforward and user-friendly the application is for end-users. “They just have to push a button and there they are. What they see on the app is what it is – they don’t have to do extra searching to find their checklists and the app makes checks very easy.”

When the Amarillo FD had an air pack inspection a few weeks ago, LaGrone described the process as simple and painless. “We could show how we check off the air pack in the app and that inspections were being done. The inspector was very happy.”

He also discussed how the department is planning to import all PPE into the system; from boots to helmets, wildland fire gear, pants, goggles etc.

More Accurate Drug Logs & Inventory

Prior to Halligan, the Amarillo FD tracked drugs assigned to each apparatus with a chalkboard. Halligan’s Drug Log module revolutionized how the department monitored inventory levels of narcotics and other drugs and their expiration dates. In addition to centralizing this crucial information in one, electronic location, Captain LaGrone emphasized the auto-generated reminders of when an item needs restocking or is about to expire.

“Reminders for the drug log give our EMS coordinator time to replace them or move expiring drugs to a busier station or more utilized apparatus,” LaGrone explained. “This way the drugs are used on calls before they go bad, reducing waste.”

About Halligan & TargetSolutions Check It™ System

Vector Solutions, the leader in industry-focused eLearning and performance support solutions, acquired Halligan early this year. Halligan’s fleet, inventory and asset solutions are offered under Vector’s Public Sector business unit, TargetSolutions, which Halligan previously partnered to bring the TargetSolutions Check It™ app released earlier in 2018.

For questions about Halligan, otherwise known at the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, please visit our website or contact us today!

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