Consistent And Dependable Staff Scheduling For Evolving Mission Critical Needs

Consistent And Dependable Staff Scheduling For Evolving Mission Critical Needs

The needs of the public are constantly changing, as are the challenges faced by first responders. Whether it's a traffic collision, a break-in, or a medical emergency, when a crisis happens, fire departments, EMS, and law enforcement must be ready. 

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The pandemic, increased public scrutiny, and unprecedented staffing shortages are just a few of the evolving obstacles that have added additional complexities for the day-to-day operations for first responder agencies. 

When so many people are depending on these agencies to respond quickly when a crisis situation arises, being short on personnel due to a scheduling mishap can be catastrophic. 

To support these mission critical needs, Vector Solutions offers a customizable and dependable workforce management solution that takes the complexity out of scheduling for public safety agencies.

Vector Scheduling For Public Safety Agencies

With Vector Scheduling, administrators can utilize intelligent rules to automate the system to eliminate scheduling conflicts, handle callbacks, provide more staffing transparency to reduce grievances, and more.

With Vector Scheduling’s mobile app, administrators can manage and make changes to the schedule from any mobile device. In addition to viewing their schedule, personnel can also respond to callbacks, check vacation balances, and submit time-off requests from anywhere. 

If your department is looking for a scheduling solution that can support the complex and evolving needs of the public safety industry, Vector Scheduling could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Download our white paper, “Consistent and Dependable Staff Scheduling for Evolving Mission Critical Needs” to learn more about how Vector Scheduling can support staffing needs at your agency.

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