Top Benefits of a Firefighter Scheduling App

Fire rescue agencies need a trustworthy solution for tracking hiring, overtime and scheduling. With the unpredictability of this industry, fire agencies need the ability to quickly execute callbacks, manage overtime and more. Leading firefighter technologies, such as TargetSolutions Scheduling™ by CrewSense, provide more reliable, cloud-based solutions for these daily scheduling challenges faced by fire and rescue agencies.

The following are some of the leading benefits a firefighter scheduling app offers.

Top Benefits of a Firefighter Scheduling App

This summary covers the leading advantages of using a firefighter scheduling app and demonstrates this technology’s ability to help you manage your workforce and communicate with your department.

More Equitable Overtime Assignments

You can eliminate favoritism by assigning overtime evenly. With a scheduling app, you’re able to set rules to give the opportunities for covering extra shifts to anyone who qualifies within your department.

Fill Shifts Quickly and Easily

You'll be able to fill open positions during outages and disasters in minutes without having to manually call firefighters on their day off.

Remote Access

Firefighters can sign up for shifts remotely from any device – mobile, tablet or computer.

Quick Communication

Easily communicate with the whole department with a single message or email.

Why TargetSolutions Scheduling™ by CrewSense Is a Great Tool

Centralized Scheduling and Automated Overtime

As schedules in this industry are unpredictable and subject to frequent change, you need a flexible and robust system in place. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ lets you perform all scheduling tasks from a single centralized location. This makes for an efficient process with reduced redundancy.

Scheduling overtime shifts has traditionally been a major challenge for fire and rescue agencies. You want to be able to assign overtime in an equitable manner and in a way that allows for fast communication. TargetSolutions Scheduling™ provides an intelligent, rules-based system for automating overtime shifts.

With multiple schedule views, you have easy access to your department schedule so you can deploy strike teams, perform hire-backs, recall members and perform other essential scheduling tasks without hassles or fanfare. The system has a user-friendly drag and drop interface making it simple to schedule. Employees can easily access the app from their mobile devices. Employees can choose how they prefer to be notified of schedules, shift changes and other vital information: by text/SMS message, phone calls, push notifications or Alpha-page.

Detailed Record Logs

Detailed record-keeping helps minimize grievances. Employees can easily see their rankings, responses, start and end positions and other information by consulting detailed record logs. This removes confusion and lets employees know why shifts are or aren't assigned to them.

Managers can access previous Callback opportunities that list the employees contacted, responses, contact method, starting and ending rank and more.

Cloud-Hosted Reliability

There are several benefits to using a cloud-based app. You can count on more than 99.9% uptime. There's no need to install onsite hardware – which means less work for you. It also means higher security as your information is safely stored in the cloud rather than on your own servers.

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ Technology

TargetSolutions Scheduling™ by CrewSense provides the most advanced scheduling and overtime solutions for today's fire and rescue agencies. Using innovative technology, you can simplify communication, easily coordinate schedules, manage overtime and more.

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