LiveSafe Resource Bundle: Commercial Enterprise

LiveSafe Resource Bundle: Commercial Enterprise

Commercial enterprise organizations face a wide range of risks and an ever-changing threat landscape, so it’s important to understand pertinent workplace risks, effective prevention strategies, and engaging safety and communications solutions.

This page presents a collection of Vector LiveSafe features, blogs, use cases, guides, and more related to commercial enterprise organizations.

Mobile App Key Features

Broadcast Notifications (+ Check-In): Targeted mass notifications can inform employees and security teams about emergency warnings and guidance, organizational updates, and more. These messages can also include a “Check-In” that prompts employees to indicate whether they are safe or require assistance.

Tip Reporting: Employees and security team members can easily submit questions or concerns using Vector LiveSafe Tip Submit and then engage in real-time conversation with leadership and receive immediate support and guidance. This can include facility concerns, HR questions, reports of suspicious activity, and more.

Resources: Organizations can add URLs and PDFs to the Resources section with relevant resources such as company information, links to internal platforms and portals, staff directories, HR policies, and emergency response procedures and guidance.

Safety Map: The map can be customized to include company offices and worksites, client locations, business travel resources (such as hotels, business resources, and local embassies), and more. Public safety locations (police stations, hospitals, etc.) are automatically included on the map.

SafeWalk: Employees can use this “virtual companion” feature to facilitate safety during commutes, whether they are walking or driving. This can be particularly useful when commuting during dangerous weather (ex: icy roads) or at odd hours (ex: when in a parking garage at night).


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Use Cases

Museum & Research Complex: Traffic Delays
Utility Company: SafeWalk
Monumental Sports & Entertainment: Evacuation Drill
Fashion Show Mall: Active Shooter


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Community-Sourced Risk Research & Best Practices
Vector LiveSafe Platform Demo

As commercial enterprise organizations face novel and changing concerns, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and shifts to remote or hybrid workplaces, the need to engage employees on prevention and response measures and promote a safety-first mindset is growing urgent. With the resources above and the Vector LiveSafe Platform’s many safety communication and prevention capabilities, you can protect your organization, prevent safety incidents, and keep your employees informed, prepared, and safe.

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