New Law Enforcement Course: Civil Rights

New Law Enforcement Course: Civil Rights

Protecting civil rights is an essential part of our democratic process. The complicated history of the United States, steeped in systemic social and racial discrimination and inequality that has not been fully acknowledged and rectified, lends to the current turbulent climate we face—often leading to mistrust and strained relationships between many communities and law enforcement.

civil rights for all people

Although the term 'civil rights' has primarily been used in the past to describe the injustices Black Americans have endured, it has expanded to encompass many groups, such as religion, LGBTQ+, age, disability, race/origin, and sexual identity. Today, 'civil rights' is used to describe the advancement of equality for all people.

Taking steps to unite police officers and the community is more important now than ever. Vector Solutions is proud to announce the latest course added to the Vector Learning Management System (LMS) law enforcement course library: Civil Rights. Complete this course to deepen your understanding of this sensitive topic and learn about tangible strategies for promoting police integrity.

Civil Rights (1 hour)

Civil rights are a part of the democratic process that includes the protection of these rights. Civil rights laws are created on the federal level and through the United States Supreme Court. Individual states and municipalities may have their own set of civil rights laws, but they are generally based on federal laws. Although civil rights have been a part of history for centuries, they are back at the forefront in the current environment with concerns over racial inequity and police misconduct.

This course will discuss the history of civil rights, the Civil Rights Act, and other aspects related to civil rights, including ways to prevent and protect against civil rights violations by law enforcement.

Lw Encforcement Civil Rights course title card

Topics covered in this course include:

  • What Are Civil Rights?
  • History of Civil Rights
  • Civil Rights and Police Misconduct
  • Human Rights vs. Civil Rights
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Color-of-Law Complaints
  • Title 42, U.S.C., Section 1983
  • Cost of Civil Rights Violations
  • Civil Rights Cases
  • Principles and Policies to Promote Police Integrity

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