Promote an Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment for Your Organization

TargetSolutions’ Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace training courses provide tips on how to sustain a sober work environment.

Substance abuse in the American workplace can result in poor performance, on- and off-the-job injuries, lost work time and other liabilities. Perhaps even more importantly, drugs and alcohol abuse can destroy an individual’s personal life as well as their professional life.

TargetSolutions’ online training catalog features two diverse courses for combatting the issue of substance abuse and maintaining workplace sobriety.

Alcohol-Free Workplace explores the damage alcohol abuse can have on both the body and the workplace. Drug-Free Workplace dives into the destructive impact of drug abuse and offers insight into the dangers of specific drugs.

Promoting a substance-free workplace for your employees won’t just aid in defeating abuse, but it’ll demonstrate a genuine concern for the health and safety of your workforce.

To learn more about the dangers of abuse and what training you can provide to combat it, please contact TargetSolutions today at 1 (800) 840-8048.

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