Safety Alert: Child Abuse and Neglect

Safety Alert: Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Abuse & COVID: Are Cases Down or Getting Overlooked?

The Associated Press released a report analyzing how the Coronavirus pandemic impacted child abuse cases. According to the report, there were more than 400,000 fewer child welfare concerns reported and 200,000 fewer child abuse and neglect investigations and assessments compared with the same time period of 2019. This shows a national decrease of 18% of both reports and investigations - but that doesn’t mean child abuse has actually decreased. 

Experts worry that many cases of neglect are flying under the radar. When children are in school, teachers and school staff are mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse. The remote learning environment that many schools implemented due to COVID-19 has caused many cases of abuse to be noticed much later than in normal school conditions. AP’s analysis found that when schools switched to distance learning there was a 59% decrease in reports of abuse and neglect from K-12 personnel. The sad reality is that fewer reports means there is a greater chance for harm. 

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Online Training

Vector Training (formerly SafeSchools) offers Child Abuse: Identification & Intervention and Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting courses. We offer state-specific versions of our Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting course for numerous states.

We also offer a series of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools microlearning courses, written by Diane Cranley, a national expert. This efficient and affordable training program can help you:

  • Prepare school staff to interrupt an attempt at child sexual abuse before it happens.
  • Provide a healthy deterrent effect.
  • Save students from the lifelong emotional damage of sexual abuse.
  • Reduce liability and prevent costly claims, which divert needed funds from educating students.

Recorded Webinars

Best Practices for Effective Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Schools

Child Sexual Abuse: Response Considerations Beyond Mandated Reporting

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