Take Your Training into the Next Dimension with 3D Courseware

Take Your Training into the Next Dimension with 3D Courseware

Effective and efficient training is vital no matter your industry and, with ever-improving technology, your training program can be better than ever. For decades, people have harnessed the power of 3D video for entertainment purposes, but it can do so much more than provide you with exciting jumpscares and immersive experiences in movies like the new Avatar - it is also an incredible asset in learning and development that can help you accelerate organizational growth.

For more than a decade, Vector Solutions has designed advanced 3D-animated courseware with more than 1,000 safety and operations training modules that have helped train more than 250,000 workers worldwide. Here are just some of the advantages that come with 3D training in critical industries.

Take Advantage of Everything 3D Training Has to Offer


See the Previously Unseen

For workers in critical industries, 3D training allows them to do things that would otherwise be impossible. This includes looking at the inside of machinery and complex systems they couldn’t otherwise easily access, meaning they get to see how these machines and systems are put together and better understand how they function (or how and why they might malfunction). For instance, 3D simulation courses, like those found in Vector’s Industrial Facility Management and Maintenance Training Library, allow learners to explore the inner workings of an HVAC system or hard-to-reach internal engines.

They are more hands-on, more convenient, and can provide learners with a greater depth of detail than may be possible in real life. By incorporating 3D animations into your learning program, your workers will have the opportunity to visualize what they don’t get a chance to experience in their day-to-day work - and, in some cases, to see things that aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

Run Dangerous Training Scenarios - Without the Danger

One of the most important objectives of any kind of training program is to help keep people and property safer. 3D training is a particularly powerful ally as you manage risk assessments for your organization. Fortunately, with the adoption of 3D training courses, your employees can learn to recognize at-risk behavior or situations and hopefully stop them before they ever have the chance to lead to an incident. Additionally, managers can track course completion progress to ensure safety awareness is continuously improving.

For example, Vector offers a premium safety curriculum with our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Premium Online Training Library. Thanks to powerful 3D animations and models, these interactive online safety training courses address common hazardous situations faced in a variety of environments and industries. They deliver in-depth safety training based on OSHA and EPA requirements and outline general best practices that help your learners to be “on location” and ready to identify and address hazardous conditions.

By allowing your workers to safely experience these dangerous training scenarios in a way that more fully mimics reality, they will be better prepared to handle accidents and incidents when and if they occur, meaning better overall outcomes for everyone involved. Ultimately, when it comes to defusing dangerous situations in real life, practice certainly helps to make perfect.

Make Learning Fun

We know that playability keeps learners more engaged, which means that when it comes to learning and development, there is almost no better way to improve material retention rates for your employees than by making the experience more fun. Fortunately, 3D training allows you to do that for your team by offering them an exciting and immersive way to approach education.

As humans, we are three-dimensional beings, so it makes sense that we would be drawn to training opportunities that more closely simulate our real life. By leaning into the gamification side of learning through 3D training, you are tapping into basic human psychological principles, encouraging the release of dopamine while learning. This kind of training also presents employees with opportunities for social engagement or teamwork as they go through a training program, another feature that makes this kind of learning fun.

3D Training Courses Can Help Safeguard Everyday Heroes in Critical Industries

Regardless of your industry, interactive and 3D training is a perfect way to get more out of the effort you put into it. Here are just a few categories where 3D training can be incredibly useful:

Take Your Training Into the Next Dimension

By investing in the most realistic and interactive online training courses out there, you will allow your employees to be better prepared to safely do their jobs. 3D training courses give them hands-on opportunities to practice over and over again, but without any negative repercussions. And the high level of engagement experienced by those who complete 3D training also means they are more likely to integrate what they learn and apply it to real-world situations.

Now is the time to take advantage of everything that immersive, mobile 3D courseware has to offer your organization. Request a demo today to learn more about how Vector’s mission critical training solutions can take your training into the next dimension.

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