The Right Tool For The Job: Professional and Performance Evaluation Tool Benefits

The Right Tool For The Job: Professional and Performance Evaluation Tool Benefits

In the case of busy school districts, managing educator and staff evaluations and professional development can be complicated, but with the right professional and performance evaluation tools, educators could actually feel empowered by the process. When empowered with the right performance management tools, administrators and educators alike can walk away with actionable feedback and guidance to drive individual performance and team productivity.

 width=The TeachPoint Educator Evaluation Solution and Professional Development Tracking Solution can make it simple and accessible, so organizations have more time to focus on improving teaching and learning.

Performance Evaluations: Who Benefits


Teachers can maintain their teacher portfolio to support their evaluation process by uploading and tagging evidence to their performance rubric, all easily shared in one place online.


Principals can manage the evaluation process, view deadlines, take action, and customize views, and auto-generate certificates for recognition.

District Leaders

District leaders can foster collaboration and coaching to strengthen teacher and staff development using a library of reports to view data trends to manage district growth and performance.

Tech Directors

Tech directors can implement software that is intuitive for teachers, staff and administrators to use, with customizations that are simple and easy for IT staff to support.

Top Benefits of Performance Evaluation

TeachPoint’s customizable Educator Evaluation Solution automates the teacher and staff evaluation process and puts valuable data at your fingertips, so you have exactly what you need to foster collaboration, manage growth and performance, and strengthen teacher and staff development.


  • Manage observations, teacher and staff evaluation documents, and deadlines in one central location, from any device, at any time.
  • Track progress, manage compliance, and access data-driven metrics with customized dashboards and reports.
  • Use video observation in lieu of in-person observations.


  • Customize any observation or evaluation form to match your needs. Access our Forms Library or we can build forms for you, for free.
  • Tailor the system to fit your workflow process.
  • Use research-based rubrics or build your own.



  • Fast and easy implementation so you’re up and running quickly.
  • Flexible training options.
  • Unlimited access to customer support at no additional cost.

The TeachPoint Professional Development Tracking Solution helps busy administrators plan, manage, and track professional development activities. Our customizable solution makes it easy to create events, streamlines communication, and simplifies the entire process.


  • Schedule, manage and track all your professional development activities or events in one central online location.
  • Manage educator recertification credits.
  • Manage attendance, events, credits and more with valuable administrator reports.


  • Streamline the request and approval process for educators attending out-of-district PD events.
  • Manage and approve credits, and auto-generate and distribute certificates of attendance.
  • Gather feedback from attendees.


  • Design, build, and publish unique event templates.
  • Create customized feedback forms.
  • Personalize event workflows to meet your needs.

At Vector Solutions, we help organizations focus on improving performance and outcomes with:

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Web-based tools put important data at your fingertips, from any device, at any time.
  • Increased Efficiency: Manage observations, evaluation documents, evidence, PD events, and reports in one central online location.
  • Actionable Reports: Reports can be customized to provide valuable data to drive decision and coaching conversations.
  • Seamless Implementation: Our Customer Support Team will ensure your success during implementation and with ongoing support.

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