Top 5 LMS Purchasing Questions | Cities and Municipalities

Top 5 LMS Purchasing Questions | Cities and Municipalities

Are you in the process of picking a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage your organization's training program? You probably have questions.

7,000+ public agencies across the country leverage Vector LMS to ensure employees are prepared to perform safely and efficiently in their work environment.

Keep reading to get the answers to the top five LMS purchasing questions local governments have asked.

1. How Will Vector LMS Fit into Our Budget?

Vector LMS does not believe one size fits all when it comes to training and understands the challenge to deliver cost-effective training for thousands of employees. Using Vector LMS, you can develop a plan that accommodates your agency's size and budget without sacrificing the quality of training.

And with Vector LMS's web-based, 24/7 accessible platform, municipalities like yours experience massive benefits, including saving money, reducing claims and liability, and boosting employee efficiency and productivity.

2. How can Public Entities Use Vector LMS?

compliance training Vector LMS is a complete online training management system that allows agencies to deliver, track and report all types of training from a single platform. This all-in-one solution features an extensive course library to ensure the right people fulfill standards for OSHA, HR, firefighting, EMS, policing, water/wastewater management, airport safety, IT, cybersecurity, motor vehicle safety, and more.

In addition to delivering built-in course libraries and your custom training content, Vector LMS streamlines communication and centralizes employee training data with innovative tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure training compliance for each of your department’s members.

3. Can Vector LMS Track License and Certification Expiration Dates?

local government training certifications

Provide a culture of professional excellence and competency for your personnel with Vector LMS, which helps leadership ensure they have the qualifications to perform essential tasks for their role. Our platform has the capabilities to track all forms of training to help you manage CEUs, license status, and compliance in just a few clicks. Utilize the Activities Builder and Manage Credentials features to create custom and standardized content for credential packages that satisfy state and federal requirements.

Set automated notifications to remind employees to complete credential training at set intervals before licenses or certifications expire. The admin Dashboard and Reports sections also enable supervisors to quickly and easily oversee employee progress by generating specific, intuitive reports.

4. Does Vector LMS Support Third-Party Content?

With Vector LMS, you can upload and deliver your own policies, forms, and custom courses and even obtain documented acknowledgment with time-stamped eSignatures by assigning content as required training.

There are no installations, add-ons, or plugins required. The cloud-based software is mobile-compatible and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Simply ensure your system meets these requirements, and personnel can seamlessly access the platform.

5. What Is the Vector LMS Implementation Process?

Vector LMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. From day one, you will have a team of experts to help with anything your agency needs to train effectively--from platform setup to adding courses and custom activities or support for any questions you may have. And because the platform is web-based, there is no software installation required.

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