Top 5 Pain Points for Municipal Employees Addressed by TargetSolutions’ New Course Catalogs


Explore the benefits of TargetSolutions' new training bundles with more than 1,500 courses for facility management and maintenance, cyber security, power and utilities, AEC continuing education courses and more!

TargetSolutions is revamping its online training library with more than 1,500 new courses for municipal employees. Creating five all-new catalogs and enhancing existing catalogs with new titles, this addition will help improve training for nearly every department within a city or local government.

New courses focus on a variety of commercial industries such as architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), facility management and maintenance, cyber security and power and utilities. Combined with TargetSolutions’ dynamic online training platform, public entities will find solutions for pain points they may be currently experiencing with training management:

Pain Point 1 – Ensuring the health & safety of the workforce

Included in TargetSolutions’ new catalogs for cities, are engaging courses with lessons surrounding health, safety, codes and compliance for AEC, Power & Utilities, Facility Management & Maintenance and Cyber Security. To ensure personnel have completed training and can perform procedures as safely as possible, TargetSolutions’ tracking features enable you to view users’ completion status of necessary training and run reports to prove compliance.

Pain Point 2 – Mitigating risk across multiple departments/professions

With more than 1,000 current courses for fire, EMS, OSHA compliance and more, the all-new commercial bundles bring an additional 1,500 courses to the TargetSolutions online training course library. By implementing a training program of this magnitude that's backed by robust record-keeping software, a strong mitigation plan can be put into place to reduce risk across your entire organization.

Pain Point 3 – Administering training & tracking compliance for each profession/department

TargetSolutions resolves this pain point with training content relevant for every profession or department and easy-to-use tools to track progress as training packages are completed. New lessons for commercial industries improve personnel’s knowledge of key subjects, ensure their understanding of necessary safety procedures and reinforce any regulations around these topics. Administering training is also simple with alerts to notify employees of approaching deadlines and ensure overdue training is completed as soon as possible.

Pain Point 4 – Maintaining compliance when federal and state safety regulations are updated

TargetSolutions’ all-new catalogs contain courses with the most up-to-date regulatory information for the subject matter presented and are consistently updated to reflect the latest codes, standard, and regulations to ensure you are maintaining compliance.

These new training packages, such as the AEC Training & Education catalog with over 860 accredited AEC continuing education courses, help minimize the concern of constantly keeping up with regulatory and code changes while providing cutting-edge courses written by industry experts.

Pain Point 5 – Reducing costs associated with training

TargetSolutions is more than your average Learning Management System (LMS). With premium courses and flexible platform features, your organization will reduce the need to pay for costly external training or coordinating an in-person instructor for continuing education.

Training can be accessed 24/7 and be completed anytime, anywhere – eliminating the costs of bringing together an entire department for hours of classroom training. Individuals can accomplish all respective tasks from a single interface, thereby substantially reducing the effort involved within administering training.

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