Using The Right Technology To Unleash The Power of Content Anytime, Anywhere

Using The Right Technology To Unleash The Power of Content Anytime, Anywhere

Your online learning and training program is best-in-class and your employees are active participants in your compliance and performance development opportunities. Now what? First, congratulate yourselves on investing in a top learning and training platform and customizing it to the needs of your organization - this is the first and most critical step to increasing participation, completion, knowledge retention, and, most importantly, giving your organization the ability to update, iterate, and stay relevant in a constantly changing work environment. Then, take a performance optimization eye to your learning and training platform and take advantage of a whole new world of technology tools and solutions that can help you unleash the power of content when and where learners need it most. Here’s how.

5 Ways To Optimize Technology - And Your Tech Stack -  For Accessible and Strategic Content Delivery

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a critical foundation to any successful online learning and training solution. Technology solutions, particularly those that can be “stacked” or combined together, can then be used to enhance the efficacy of your LMS, making your already strategic learning and training  program even more impactful for learners. 

1. Microlearning

Sometimes to think big, you’ve got to think small. We’re talking bite-size! Microlearning is a learning activity that can be as short as 1 minute and up to 5 minutes, making it especially useful for single-subject learning objectives or a few closely-related objectives. Digital tools are the perfect way to deliver microlearning content, and one of the most strategic ways to use microlearning is for combatting the training forgetting curve by eliminating cognitive overload. By giving learners the right amount of information that can be retained in short-term memory until it can be processed and saved in their long-term memory, you’re increasing your odds they’ll retain the information.

2. Mobile Learning

A perfect interface for microlearning, mobile learning provides users with the ability to access content when and where it matters to them. This makes them more likely to participate and also increases knowledge retention, which all lead to a safer, compliant workforce for your organization. Mobile learning is a great example of how strategically employing tech solutions lets you: 

  • Deliver training objectives in small bites outside of your traditional LMS
  • Give your team members access to information when safety is on the line, as well as allow your organization to get a process in place to reduce risk

3. Performance Support

Tools that help workers improve their performance on the job can be as simple as a checklist app like Vector Check It or a quick, task-based video training they can watch on their mobile device. By helping learners access the information they need at the time and place they need it, you’re strategically providing them content when they are most primed to absorb and retain it. 

For your organization, tech solutions that help create efficiencies when it comes to scheduling and evaluations are critical. Vector Scheduling gives shift managers and staffing professionals tools to ensure that staff members are up-to-date on training and safety, are scheduled to work, and also consider aspects like union and department regulations. 

Part of optimizing performance for employees is investing time and energy in their professional development, including their performance review and evaluation. Tech tools that automate performance management solutions, like Vector Evaluations+, streamline the process and encourage participation, as well as provide guidance that can help you define areas of improvement and training opportunities.

4. Notifications, Alerts, and Two-Way Communication

If you’re like most people, your phone, tablet, and computer are likely constantly notifying you throughout the day. Marketers and app developers know that notifications (targeted communications) are effective and your organization can harness that same strategy to improve compliance and mitigate risk in your organization. A solution like Vector LiveSafe allows for two-way safety and security risk communications, emergency notifications, and safety tools and resources all from a customizable mobile platform. Here are a few examples of ways targeted notifications can help learners gain necessary information:

  • Nudge an employee before training is due. We all have inboxes bursting to full, and that training we signed up for seemed far away at the time. Or, perhaps a new, critical compliance training has come up and an employee may not have seen it. Having the ability to notify them of the training opportunity brings it back into their consciousness.
  • Remind learners of where they are in a training, motivating them to jump back in and complete the material.
  • Allow users to submit anonymous tips to give your organization the ability to stop a safety concern before it starts, or respond effectively if one is happening.
  • Allow users to submit feedback so you can continue to optimize their learning experience.
  • Geofencing allows you to target information to individuals within a geographic area.

5. Incident Reporting & Tracking

Accidents do happen, and while training is our best defense, we also need the ability to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve incidents. With the right tech stack, you can alert a manager as soon as an incident occurs so they can track it to resolution and assign training to prevent a recurrence. A safety management solution like Vector EHS Management puts the power of your data to work through:

  • Hazard reporting
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Tracking, Scheduling, and Delivering Training
  • Online Training Content Libraries
  • Identify Gaps in Prevention Strategies
  • Hands-On Tools For Mobile Inspections 

Your Tech Stack + Your LMS = Safer, Smarter, Better.

As you well know, effective training is so much more than simple regulation and industry updates for your employees: it’s a critical component to lowering risk, ensuring compliance, and ensuring operational readiness so that you can make your organization safer, smarter, and better. At Vector Solutions, we know that training, supported with the right technology, can make a difference to the safety of your team members, your organizations, and our communities. We’ve learned from decades of experience with critical sectors how to provide the right, customized tech stack solution for your organization. Learn more about our flexible and customizable solutions.

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